Verlingue strengthens its European dimension with a new brand promise and an acquisition in Portugal

Verlingue, a subsidiary of the Adelaide Group specializing in corporate protection, is changing its visual identity and adopting a brand promise to support the European expansion.
Verlingue has also announced the acquisition of a new independent, family-owned broker in Portugal, RT Global Insurance.

A new identity was deployed simultaneously in France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Portugal that embodies the ambition to become a leading independent broker in Europe.

In line with its European ambition, Verlingue is changing its brand platform to assert its unique position in the market and carry its new signature: “Protecting today. Imagining tomorrow“.

With this new identity, the broker wishes to highlight both the stability and the ambition of its model. In a constantly changing world where new risks are multiplying, Verlingue advocates a forward-looking vision of risk management, a real lever for the development and performance of its clients.

Our business is useful and has a future, because in an increasingly unstable world, risk management contributes to economic and social progress. It allows us to anticipate hazards, to innovate, and to support investment and entrepreneurship as closely as possible. It is this vision that enables us to look ahead and be a trusted partner in all circumstances,” says Gilles Bénéplanc, Managing Director of the Adelaide Group and Verlingue.


Verlingue continues its European development with an acquisition in Portugal

Two years after the acquisition of Luso Atlantica, the subsidiary of the Adelaide Group has acquired RT Global Insurance. The acquisition of RT Global Insurance, founded in 2005 and specialising in property and casualty insurance, will enable Verlingue Portugal to grow its business by 15%.

This new investment reflects Verlingue’s commitment to its European strategy and may be complemented by further acquisitions depending on market opportunities.

Verlingue has a strong, sustainable and profitable growth strategy. In a consolidating industry, being a family-owned broker with an ambitious and long-term vision allows us to build an attractive opportunity for the teams who decide to join us. I am delighted that RT has made this choice“, says Benjamin Verlingue, Director of Verlingue’s international subsidiaries and Managing Director of the Adelaide Group.


Becoming one of Europe’s leading independent brokers by relying on a unique identity, values and know-how

Now that it is 90 years old, Verlingue is continuing to build on its long-term vision of becoming a major European broker, family-owned and independent. Verlingue is committed to working alongside its clients over the long term and to providing them with the most effective and appropriate solutions to support their entrepreneurial capacity and reduce the volatility of their results.

This expansion will ensure that Verlingue is even more valuable to its clients and will continue to attract new talent and expertise, enabling it to be considered as a benchmark for professionalism and client service.

In line with the Impact 24 strategic project, the Adelaide Group confirms its ambition to reach a turnover between 400 and 500 M€, by relying on profitable organic growth on the one hand, and on strategic acquisitions in Europe guided by industrial interest on the other.

We are an independent, family-owned company and we want to preserve this identity and our know-how while growing in France and internationally, being ambitious while offering an alternative to other more global or financialized players. Today we are entering a new phase in our development, which is in line with our objective of building a major brokerage group with a European dimension,” says Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of the Adelaide Group.