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Insure your activities in logistics, maritime and transport

Eyssautier-Verlingue, Verlingue’s team of specialists in Maritime and Transport Insurance, is thoroughly conversant with the risks incurred within the framework of your operations. Our experts negotiate with the insurance companies specialised in your various markets to secure the best conditions for you, and arrange the insurance policies that protect your interests in the management of your claims and your recoveries.

The market for transport in general and maritime transport in particular is booming. Strong geopolitical and economic tensions along with logistical, environmental and regulatory constraints are all high risks for the goods you store or ship and for the ships you operate, charter, build or repair. For nearly 100 years now, we have been constantly expanding our experience and sharpening our skills to gain an ever-deeper knowledge of your risks and recommend the best forms of cover for you.

staff members representing 10 different nationalities.
A third of the team is dedicated to claims management.
Direct access to the world’s leading insurance market.
(Broker at Lloyd’s depuis 2005)
of our customers are abroad.
Close to
of our business is conducted on the international markets.

Verlingue accompanies you

Eyssautier-Verlingue, the specialist maritime and transport insurance broker

Our 60 experts representing 10 different nationalities produce a detailed map of your marine and transport risks, based on your operations and your needs, along with the geographical areas in which you operate.

A comprehensive, worldwide insurance approach

Eyssautier-Verlingue, through its network of international insurance companies, covers all of the specific maritime and transport risks applicable to both ships and the goods they carry. Eyssautier-Verlingue is a French insurance broker with offices in Quimper, Paris and Marseille. It also has offices in Athens and London, with the status of Broker at Lloyd’s, to provide guidance and support for French and international stakeholders. Our position within Verlingue also enables us to address our customers’ non-marine risks.

Claims handling is our main priority

It takes tremendous knowledge and experience to handle transport-related claims. Eyssautier-Verlingue has made this its priority. Our availability and responsiveness enable us to take the necessary measures to limit your exposures. Our experts step in to guide and support you when you need it most. In addition, our “claims” unit optimises the protection of your interests.

Innovation is an integral part of our actions

In view of the new cyber risks and climate risks, Eyssautier-Verlingue is developing a specific offering to bring you the most appropriate solutions. In complete harmony with the Verlingue teams, we are at the forefront of progress in covering cyber risk and marine risk, and through parametric insurance policies to cover the risks associated with climate change.


Eyssautier-Verlingue launches its new extranet client: Marine@ccess

To simplify the management and monitoring of our customers’ contracts, we have modernised our customer extranet. Marine@ccess takes over from our previous EOL platform, offering greater fluidity and security, while guaranteeing 100% security. To find out more about this high-performance tool, don’t hesitate to contact our Eyssautier-Verlingue experts.

#EXPERTS’ VOICE AROUND EUROPE by Mathieu Berrurier, Chief Executive Officer of Eyssautier-Verlingue

Discover our #EXPERTS’ VOICE AROUND EUROPE by Verlingue about our subsidiary Eyssautier-Verlingue, specialised in maritime transport.

In this interview, Mathieu Berrurier, Managing Director of Eyssautier-Verlingue, talks about our maritime expertise, especially at the international level with 80% of our clients located abroad, as well as the challenges of the market in the face of the various crises.


Meet our expert

Mathieu Berrurier

Chief Executive Officer of Eyssautier-Verlingue

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