Property damage and business interruption

A tailored plan to insure you for property damage and business interruption

Verlingue advises, negotiates and manages the Property Damage and Business Interruption insurance programmes of hundreds of companies in all sectors in France and abroad. Our experts give you support and advice about protecting your assets and your earnings from the consequences of claims that could jeopardise your business.

Any company is fragile. On top of the many risks that might affect your property and your assets (fire, climate hazards, machine breakdowns, etc.), there are others that are just as diverse and which may affect your business and your profit and loss account. Examples include the shortages that prevent a supplier from fulfilling an order, riots and civil commotions, employees’ work accidents and occupational illnesses, cyberattacks, malicious damage, a media crisis, etc. All of these vulnerabilities can destabilise the workings of the global economy and the day-to-day operation of numerous companies, as we saw with the Covid-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine. In the midst of these wide-ranging and mounting risks, Verlingue provides the support and guidance you need to more effectively control them and reduce their impacts on your organisation’s sustainability.

Verlingue’s solutions

Understanding is the key to better protection

To help you optimise the coverage of the damage and loss to which your company is exposed, Verlingue maps the risks and analyses your existing insurance contracts. This regularly-updated, tailored diagnosis is based on our knowledge and deep understanding of the risks hanging over the business sectors and companies that we support in France and abroad. It provides a precise view of your vulnerabilities and is a valuable basis on which to build or upgrade your insurance programme in an optimal manner, thereby ensuring your company’s long-term survival.

Capitalising on prevention

At a time when insurance companies are tightening the conditions for covering companies’ risks, prevention is an essential lever for persuading them to insure you. Verlingue provides the support and guidance you need to draw up an effective risk prevention and protection plan in keeping with your stakes and your business. No vulnerability is overlooked, from the installation of sprinklers on a production chain or a warehouse to protecting sales outlets from intrusion, training your employees or protecting your information system.

The right level of cover

The right cover at the best price: Verlingue brings you the best solutions for insurance against property damage and lost business by negotiating with the risk carriers to obtain the best conditions. Our approach, which is grounded on an analysis of your risks and your environment, lets you optimise the level of cover, strike a sound balance between self-insurance and insurance, and set the amount of deductible that can be borne for each risk.

By your side when an incident occurs

Our dedicated claims handling and compensation teams, who represent 30% of Verlingue’s workforce, are close to you, prompt to respond and reliable. As soon as your company sustains any sort of loss, they step in to provide guidance and support. They assist and advise you throughout the process, from the first emergency measures to put in place, to complete resolution and full compensation, including the establishment of a crisis unit, handling of the loss file, discussions with the insurer or payment of the first installments.


Meet our expert

Albert Pham

Director of Property Damages

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