As an expert in agri-food risks, Verlingue provides advice and guidance on protecting both your assets and your employees

If you’re an industrialist in agri-food or agro-industry, or a member of a cooperative, and are involved in the various professional fields that produce or process agricultural products and raw materials, read on. As an expert in the economic and administrative constraints in your sector, Verlingue identifies and analyses your risks, and negotiates transfer solutions for you on the insurance market.

Between climate risks, political and economic crises, instability in the health situation, human risks and recruitment difficulties, you are constantly having to adjust and adapt. Add to this already difficult context the stringent safety and health standards, increasingly complex import and export regulations, and the emerging consumer demand for more responsible products. Verlingue has drawn on its 30 years of experience to build in-depth expertise in the agri-food domain. Our advisers are by your side to set up the insurance programme best suited to your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Top ranking
industry sector in France.
companies, totalling revenue of close to €200bn in France.
of Verlingue’s business is concentrated in agri-food and agro-industry.

Verlingue accompanies you

Protect your property and your profit and loss account

From the supply chain through to product distribution, Verlingue provides guidance and advice on identifying the main risks (flow management, climate risks, risks to your processes or image, etc.), establishing the right level of insurance cover, and negotiating and managing your contracts. In the event of an incident, our advisors assist you with the immediate steps and handle all of the procedures on your behalf, including the payment of instalments. We are by your side every step of the way to defend your interests until your claim has been settled in full.

Introduce top-up employee benefits and prevention for your employees

Given that the risk of work related accident in the agri-food sector (involving handling, transport, machine use, fire, etc.) is twice that of other industries, we provide guidance and advice on setting up a programme of health and safety insurance that is in line with your budget and your business.

Introducing risk-management measures and a prevention plan

Prevention is of the utmost importance and needs to be grounded on a constructive and adaptable risk-management policy. We carry out a thorough audit of your sites, your flow management (from the supply chain through to product distribution) and your suppliers. This serves to define your risk profile (including in the upstream stages) in project management or the construction of a plant in France or abroad. Based on this analysis, our advisors draw up a structured action plan for you, with solutions that strike the right balance between technicity and budget considerations, then guide its introduction and monitoring.

The voice of an expert

Agri-food sector organisations

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Verlingue’s expertise in the wine industry

Are you a winegrower, a cooperative, a wine merchant, or a producer or distributor of dry matter? Our advisors are experts in the wine-producing sector and thoroughly control the risks to which you are exposed (suppliers, governance, operational incident, environmental and climate factors, contamination, third-party liability, transport, crisis management, cyber risk, etc.). They design solutions that correspond to your organisation and budget, and negotiate the coverage that matches your top-priority concerns.

  • Set up the cover, capital, budget, etc.
  • Negotiate with the insurers
  • Manage the contracts
  • Provide access to our Easy@ccess extranet
  • Provide guidance and advice on risk prevention

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