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Verlingue: health professionals’ ally for rekindling employee motivation

The health and welfare sector is in crisis. Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining your staff? Would you like to help them follow their calling, worry-free? What if the solution was to offer them suitable employee benefits.

Health and welfare professionals have borne the brunt of events over the past two years. Your sector is under pressure on every front, from managing the pandemic to coping with healthcare workers’ working conditions, the crisis in aged-care facilities and cyber attacks. Sometimes this sensitive context has led your teams to become disheartened and give up. How can you attract talented staff back to your organisations and make them keen to stay?  Verlingue helps you understand your contractual responsibilities and obligations, and offers you tailored solutions to cover healthcare costs, employee benefits, absenteeism management, retirement pensions, and individual death and disability insurance for your volunteers.

In 2021,
of the applications submitted by students for post-secondary courses were for a nursing degree or the PASS (1 year post-secondary training), making them the first and second most popular choice.
of healthcare workers say they are attached to their profession.
is the average rate of increase in absenteeism per year (source: Verlingue info, March 2020).

Verlingue accompanies you

Health insurance, a key asset for protecting your staff

Verlingue’s experts have an in-depth knowledge of your legal obligations and help you set up tailored solutions that will enable you to fulfil them, whatever your specialist area. They draw on their knowledge of the sector to provide the support and guidance you need to roll out your supplementary health insurance and specific guarantees tailored to your employees’ requirements (dental, optics, alternative medicine, osteopathy, etc.), while optimising the cost they represent for your company and your employees. We also strive to reduce inequalities of treatment based on salary levels, and harmonise the levels of cover for all of your employees.

Taking care of your employees when they are on sick leave

Good health insurance goes hand-in-hand with good employee benefits cover. We work with you to assess the needs, then steer the introduction of a collective employee benefits scheme to help your employees cope with financial losses resulting from major risks such as inability to work, disability, death or dependence. We provide guidance and support to bring you and your employees greater peace of mind on a day-to-day basis.

Focus on prevention

We always suggest the best strategy to incorporate into your personnel management. It’s our job to advise you. We design a “made-to-measure” strategy with specific prevention initiatives to forestall occupational diseases, reduce absenteeism and build employee loyalty. Our role is to provide the guidance you need to manage your business with calm confidence.

Setting up a suitable retirement savings plan

Investing in your employees’ retirement shows them that you are involved in their future. It is also a way of differentiating your company during a recruitment process, retaining your teams and assuring them of a deferred remuneration at a lower cost. Our experts help you choose and manage the savings solutions best suited to your requirements and your budget.

If your business entails risks, we protect it

Our experts provide input each step of the way, from detailed mapping of the risks incurred by your property or lost business (machine breakdowns, administrative closure, loss of fees, destruction of equipment), to taking out insurance against medical liabilities and directors’ liability, not forgetting the insurance of your car fleet or the work done to extend or renovate your consulting room or your establishment (contractors’ all risks insurance, structural damage insurance). They work with you to construct the best insurance protection to cover a potential incident (property damage, third-party liability, cyber risk, etc.). And should that particular loss occur, they would be at your side to manage the entire case with you, including both emergency steps and long-term action. You never have to handle a claim on your own.

Cyber risk

IT security and cyber risks in the healthcare sector

Cyber risk is gaining momentum in the medical and welfare sector, as in other areas. In 2021, the number of IT security incidents targeting health establishments was double that of the previous year, according to the French government’s digital health agency, the ANS. In the hospital system, there is a cyber attack every week, with knock-on effects on people and finances. When a computer’s operating system is blocked and the data is inaccessible, the costs in terms of lost business (when operations have to be postponed, for example), the cost of emergency IT support and sometimes ransoms, have an impact on the activity and the organisation of the establishments targeted.

Verlingue is a forerunner in its management of cyber risk. While companies are increasingly withdrawing from handling these risks, we provide the support you need to anticipate and prevent them, and if they occur, to efficiently manage them. We work with you to set up the most appropriate cover for cyber risk (data leak, devices), in line with your Property Damage cover (protection of medical devices) and Civil Liability (physical injury sustained by the patients).


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