Tailored civil liability cover to protect your company and its image

The increasingly diverse risks to which businesses – from SMEs to multinationals and in all industry sectors – are exposed may render them liable in the event of damage to third parties. To protect your company and its employees and managers, both financially and in terms of image and reputation, Verlingue provides tailored support and guidance.

In an ever more complex and dense regulatory environment, your company may be held liable in numerous areas, such as failure to provide adequate advice, marketing a defective product, an employee’s accident at work, the accidental release of pollutants, a fire in a rented building, hacking of customer data, etc. In the event of damage caused to third parties (customers, suppliers, employees, partners, visitors, etc.), the amount payable may be substantial if appropriate insurance cover was taken out. These responsibilities are obviously understood to apply in France, but they also apply for your international exposure. Alongside these situations of vulnerability, there are also growing risks to a company’s image, which may prove just as costly in an age when social media can, in a matter of hours, enable a piece of information that will damage your company’s reputation to go viral.

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Verlingue’s solutions

Identify and rank your risks

Under the effect of regulatory changes and case law, the panel of risks to which your company may be exposed is constantly evolving, along with the many and varied damages for which it may be held liable. Verlingue helps you map and rank your risks in the light of your company’s business, and actively monitor your liabilities. Based on these analyses, our teams will draw up recommendations to help you reduce the financial damage caused by the vulnerabilities identified. They will also advise you on the most appropriate insurance solutions at the best price, remaining completely independent of the insurance companies. These recommendations will provide an overview of the risks for your exposures in all of the areas in which your company operates.

Prevent rather than suffer the consequences

The best way to protect your company from third-party liability risks is not necessarily to take out insurance against them but also, and more importantly, to find ways to avoid them. Verlingue, which stands out for its risk anticipation and management approach, provides advice and guidance for drawing up your prevention plan, factoring in the specific features of your company, its industry sector and its vulnerability to certain factors. This includes, for example, assistance with managing your contractual clauses (on purchase and sale) and their impacts on the insurance clauses.

Efficient, responsive management in the event of an incident

An incident is a crisis. Our teams respond promptly with ongoing guidance and assistance as soon as an event occurs for which you are held liable, and until settlement of the dispute or payment of the compensation. Our experts, acting on your behalf, provide efficient and prompt coordination of the parties involved in the claim. They inform you in real time of the key stages and defend your interests.

Your company’s image is capital to be protected

Today, a company’s image is one of its essential assets. If your responsibility is incurred or if there is a social media campaign or a media attack, Verlingue is at your side to advise you on protecting your brand image in the eyes of your customers, your partners, the general public and other influencers.


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