Verlingue publishes the 2nd edition of its Absenteeism Barometer

The first Absenteeism Barometer conducted in 2022, the result of analyses by Verlingue’s actuaries and statisticians, made it possible to establish an unprecedented diagnosis by the scale and scope of the proposed indicators. This second edition extends and completes the first works.  From year to year, absenteeism progresses and disrupts organizations. All businesses are affected, regardless of size and industry. This is one of the major challenges facing all leaders. 

This second barometer offers a wide range of indicators that allow a broad analysis of the situation of the panel studied.

The average absenteeism rate in H1 2022 was 6.8%, up 20% compared to 2021.

Absenteeism has a direct impact on companies’ human and operational performance: direct and indirect costs due to team disorganization, replacement costs and negative impact on both productivity and the employer brand.

Controlling absenteeism is a major challenge for all companies.
Identifying its causes means taking the best path to determine the preventive measures to be deployed.
Faced with these challenges, VERLINGUE has all the resources to support HRDs in the diagnosis and implementation of appropriate and effective prevention actions.