Verlingue committed to the Breton economic landscape

2 September 2022

From 31 August to 1 September, the Breton Economic Forum was held at the Palais des Congrès in Saint-Malo. Benjamin Verlingue, Director of Verlingue’s international subsidiaries and Managing Director of Adelaide Development, and Alain Cesbron, Regional Director of Verlingue Grand-Ouest, spoke at this major collaborative forum in Brittany.

During this event, which brings together all the economic and institutional players who make the heart of Brittany beat, Benjamin Verlingue discussed the landscape of family-owned ETIs during a round table on the theme “Brittany’s ETI Club, focus on the challenges of heritage and management transmission”.

This intervention took place on September 1st alongside Emmanuelle Cadiou, President of Cadiou Industrie, Vincent Faujour, President of Piriou, Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu, President and CEO of Conserverie la Belle-Iloise, Hugues Meili, President of Niji and Clément Queguiner, President of Groupe Queguiner.

Alain Cesbron was interviewed on the challenges of the insurance market for companies and the key role of the broker.