The Adelaide Group’s IT Department and Generation certified HDS

3 March 2023

The Adelaide Group is officially certified as a “Health Data Hosting Company (HDS)” for the DSI and Generation perimeter, as a physical infrastructure host and as a hosting provider. Health data hosting providers (HDS) must comply with optimal security requirements by receiving an HDS certification.

What is HDS Certification?

HDS certification is intended to strengthen the protection of health data. It is based on reference systems including compliance with iso standards and enables certification to be issued by an accredited independent body to any structure or organisation hosting health data.

HDS certification offers 3 essential guarantees to digital solution providers:

  • Protecting and securing sensitive health data;
  • Align the regulations of HDS institutions;
  • Guarantee security for the institution if there is no specific obligation,

Health data hosting (HDS) in a few figures :

  • 42 health data hosts approved by the Ministry
  • 236 HDS services that have been certified by the end of 2022
  • 8 certification bodies authorised to issue HDS certificates to date

Being a certified Health Data Host differentiates us from our competitors and non-certified players in the sector, facilitates and simplifies contracting, and enables us to offer better security of processing to our customers.
This HDS certification is also accompanied by the renewal of ISO27001 for the same scope.