#PAROLEDEXPERT by Verlingue: The Victims’ Guarantee Fund

1 July 2022


The Fonds de Garantie des Victimes (Victims’ Guarantee Fund) compensates victims of acts of terrorism, common law offenses and road users who are victims of traffic accidents caused by drivers who are uninsured or unidentified. This unique organization is composed of two structures: the FGAO (Fonds de Garantie des Assurances Obligatoires) and the FGTI (Fonds de Garantie des victimes d’actes de Terrorisme et d’Infractions de droit commun).

“The FGAO compensates for the absence of insurance for the person responsible for the traffic accident for over 70 years. In 2021, more than 30,000 new claims were received. After compensating the victims, the Guarantee Fund continues its mission by seeking reimbursement from the perpetrators, their insurers or any organization required to make reparation. The perpetrator must be responsible for the damage he or she has caused and understand the consequences of his or her actions… As part of its missions, Verlingue advises and assists its clients in setting up and managing the contribution with the Fonds de Garantie teams”.

Read the full testimony of Virginie Massé, Director of Operations for the Victims’ Guarantee Fund.