Mathieu Berrurier in the Finance & Marchés section of Les Echos

11 March 2022

The war in Ukraine is putting the transport insurance market under great strain.

Companies transporting goods may have insurance against war risks. In response to the invasion of Ukraine, however, specialist insurers have reviewed their cover and are increasing their prices.
In this dossier, Les Echos discusses the subject of merchant ships targeted by missiles, their coverage and rising insurance costs. Mathieu Berrurier, Managing Director of Eyssautier-Verlingue also stresses in this media the importance of securing cargo.

“We will have to find an agreement with the insurers so that the goods that are moved – to be taken out of Ukraine – are not subject to an additional premium or too high an additional premium insofar as they are moved to be sheltered. It is in everyone’s interest to save the goods.”