Digital Factory Learning Expedition on the theme of agile

23 November 2022

On Tuesday, November 22, GRTGaz’s Agile teams (One and Geofactory) and Verlingue’s Digital Factory met at the Adelaïde Group’s premises to carry out a Learning Expedition on the theme of agile. The Adelaide Group Data Factory team was also present to learn from each other’s experiences.

A learning expedition is a methodology for accompanying change that takes place during a “study trip”. It is also called a “voyage of discovery”. His main objective is to discover other corporate cultures, within the teams.

The morning was punctuated by presentations on the methods, successes and difficulties encountered by each team. A “Fishbowl” session was also organized by an agile coach, present for the occasion, to highlight the differences in operation and enrich each team with the best practices and pitfalls of the other. The morning ended with a convivial lunch.

Digital Factory atelier agile 02

Digital Factory atelier agile 03