Chalair Aviation: operation seduction of economic actors

16 June 2022

Chalair Aviation is a French airline that was founded in 1986. It is now based in Lower Normandy, at Caen-Carpiquet airport, but also in Limoges-Bellegarde (international airport), Bordeaux and finally Quimper-Bretagne.

Orchestrated by the CCIMBO on the airport floor, the communication exercise aims first and foremost to restore the confidence of business leaders and their employees in the reliability of the two daily round trips operated by the company.

Alongside Jean-François Garrec, President of the Quimper CCIMBO Delegation, Alain Battisti, President Chalair Aviation, and Karine Languenou, Chief Operating Officer of Quimper Bretagne Airport, as well as Finistère Managers, Directors and Managers, Benjamin Verlingue was invited to discover the company and the Quimper / Orly line, through a presentation led by its President.

At the end of the presentation, the guests present were able to discover and enter the plane before meeting around a Business Lunch.

“Our headquarters are here but the company is growing, in France and in Europe. Being in Quimper must not isolate us; it’s important that means of transport bring us closer to Paris and other economic areas,” explains Benjamin Verlingue.