Innovation events for Adelaide Group employees

In line with the transformation policy of its Impact24 strategic plan, Adelaide wants to make innovation more accessible to its employees and is creating two dedicated acculturation events.

This is an opportunity for everyone to gain a better understanding of this constantly evolving digital ecosystem, and to keep abreast of technological trends so as to bring ever greater value to our customers.

“The aim of this initiative is to share a digital and innovation culture with Adelaide’s employees in order to raise their awareness of the digital transformation that the Group is undergoing. Employees will be able to discover and exchange ideas on current topics and thinking methodologies… in order to develop and broaden their visions. This openness to innovation and the search for ideas will inevitably create a sense of emulation in the teams.”

Emmanuelle Combe, Head of Transformation & Innovation, Adelaide Group.

  • Musk’s Musts: the game for thinking big and thinking differently

During the employee campus, lunchtime activities were organized to explore the theme of hybridization: how can we find a common path in an increasingly complex world?

Several innovation workshops were organized in the Quimper and Paris offices.

Employees, divided into teams, put themselves in Elon Musk’s shoes to come up with disruptive ideas within a given framework and very short timeframe.

  • InnoCafé, a meeting place for exchanging ideas

Themed workshops for sharing ideas, brainstorming, sharing methods, etc.

Sessions for groups of around 12 people.

  • InnoTouch, the event dedicated to experimentation

Site-specific events on a topical theme, to give Group employees a “hands-on” experience of innovation. For all employees at the participating site.

Around ten events are planned each year.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!